Sunday, September 11, 2016

Saving Makes “Cents” Begins Tuesday, September 13

Help your child learn about the importance of saving with their own bank account!  

Saving Makes “Cents” is a state-sponsored program that teaches children in grades K-6 about banking and saving.  Your child can make weekly deposits and earn fun stickers and a preferred interest rate.  At Fort River, the program is supported by Florence Savings Bank and the PGO.  

Every Tuesday morning before school, PGO volunteers are at the Saving Makes “Cents” table in the Fort River lobby where students can make their deposits.  Monthly account statements are mailed to the children’s homes. There are no monthly fees for depositors under the age of 19.

To open a new account, please complete the form available here and have your child bring it with an initial deposit of at least one dollar to the Saving Makes “Cents” table any Tuesday morning.  For further information contact Nat Larson ( or Traci Hess (