Sunday, September 18, 2016

Help for Wildwood 4th grader Bill Chu and his Kidney Transplant

This post has been shared from the Wildwood PGO Blog. Please read the urgent request from Wildwood Principal Nick Yaffe and consider helping if you are able. Thank you!

Dear Wildwood,
       I have been meeting with a neighborhood group who has been supporting Bill Chu’s (in fourth grade) family and Bill’s parents as they face an upcoming kidney transplant for this courageous nine year old. They have created a Facebook page and an online donation page which will go towards defraying the extra costs to the family, such as driving and staying overnight in Boston.
     I have personally known this family for more than twenty-five years and have taught two of the older children. The parents’ own story is extraordinary. They could use the support of our community.
      Nick Yaffe, Wildwood Principal