Saturday, March 5, 2016

Coffee Cake Fundraiser! Place your orders by March 21!

Support Fort River and support the Glazed Doughnut Shop, a sweet local business!

Glazed coffee cake cakes are moist and delicious with just a drizzle of white frosting on top and a swirl of cinnamon and chocolate on the inside. Yum!! 

Perfect for sharing with your family or gifting to your friends. 

All coffee cakes are $12. Regular and gluten free available. 

Turn in your order forms to the Fort River office by Monday, March 21. Please include payment with your order form; checks can be made out to "Fort River PGO"

Cakes can be picked in the Fort River lobby on 
Thursday, March 24th after school until 5 PM or 
Friday, March 25 after school until 6 PM 

Visit the shop on Pleasant Street or at