Sunday, April 2, 2017

Volunteers and Baked Goods Needed for the Fort River Talent Show - April 7

Volunteers and baked goods are needed for the Fort River Talent Show on April 7. Please sign-up at Some parents are also needed to help with Dress Rehearsal after school on Thursday, April 6. 

Student volunteers are also needed. Scroll to the bottom of the list for details. Parent volunteers needed to supervise and help with cash box. Bake sale items can be dropped off at the Bake Sale Table in the library hallway starting at 6 pm. If you cannot attend, contact your room parent to donate, or have item brought to school to give to teacher. Bake Sale items can be baked goods (muffins, cookies, brownies, etc.) but also other snacks (small bags of pretzels, chips, candy bars, etc.), as long as NO NUTS. Please indicate the item you are bringing for the bake sale. Items need to be individually wrapped and ready to sell. Soda contributions should be caffeine free and non-diet. 

Any questions? Contacts: 
6th grade Nicole Blum Carr
5th grade Deb Christakos