Monday, April 10, 2017

Amherst Police Targeting Distracted Drivers

Beginning today, Amherst police will be on the lookout for people texting or sending emails while driving. 

“The campaign is designed to raise awareness of the importance of attentive and engaged driving and will focus on the dangers distracted driving poses to everyone on the road, including bicyclists and pedestrians.” The campaign will run through April 28.

They’ll be participating in a statewide campaign to reduce the number of crashes, fatalities and injuries caused by distracted driving. The effort is led by the Highway Safety Division of the state Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and is intended to address “a historic rise in fatal crashes fueled by driver distraction,” according to a press release.

State law prohibits adult drivers from writing, sending or reading electronic messages, interacting with apps or browsing the internet while driving, even if stopped at a light. Teen drivers under 18 are prohibited entirely from using mobile phones and other electronic devices while driving.

“Our goal is keeping all road users in our community safe,” said Police Chief Scott P. Livingstone. “If you text, dial or read a message on your phone while driving, you are endangering the lives of those around you, and you will be stopped.”