Monday, June 5, 2017

Off the Shelf - News from Fort River Library

Congratulation to Ms. Ludington on her upcoming retirement! She will be dearly missed by all students and staff in the library. Over her 20 year career at Fort River she has helped many thousands of children find books that they LOVE. Here is a recent update that she posted in the June Principal Newsletter:
Dear Families and students,
For those of you who don’t know, this is my last year at Fort River. Being the Fort River Librarian has been the best job I could have ever imagined for myself. The Fort River administrators and my colleagues throughout the building have ALWAYS been superior professionals to work with and wonderful, interesting individuals to know.  It has been so rewarding to teach so many children over my 20 years at Fort River. Watching students grow as readers AND as individuals, has certainly been a highlight of my career!
Please take a look at the link for the MCBA Mashup booklist for summer reading suggestions. Many of the librarians find great books for our own reading off of these lists.
This list of books was created for Amherst and Union 28 students by the school librarians. It’s based on the state MCBA list with some modifications.
This padlet was created by Heather Lobenstein, the librarian at Shutesbury Elementary School.
Happy Summer, Happy Reading,
Fran Ludington, Librarian