Monday, June 5, 2017

From the Mental Health Team, "Current Events: Making Kids feel Safe"

In our 24/7 news world, the news can be upsetting for adults and kids. It has become nearly impossible to shield kids from distressing current events. Kids get their news from family, friends, teachers, and of course the internet. But the news can stress them out. What kids see, hear, or read might not always be age-appropriate.

Here are some tips:
Tips for all kids:
  • It’s normal to be concerned
  • Consider your own reactions - try to model confidence and assurance
  • Stress that your family is safe
  • Answer questions without giving too many additional details
  • Try to keep your schedule as normal as possible
  • Look for signs of more than normal stress and reach out for help if needed
Tips for kids under 7:
  • Keep the news away - take a break from listening or watch when the kids aren’t around
  • Stress that your family is safe
  • Be together, emphasize the positives
  • Pay extra attention to your kids
Tips for students 8-12
  • Carefully consider your child’s maturity and temperament
  • Be available for questions and conversation
  • Be honest, calm and factual
  • Talk about- and filter-news coverage
  • Find solace in action
From Fort River’s Mental Health Team:  Ruth Killough-Hill, Ana Encarnacion, Dr. Pat Schumm, Dr. David Rutherford, Melanie Collins, Jessica Rudnick, Miguel Aquino