Monday, February 27, 2017

EmbraceRace Parenting Conversation on Tuesday, February 28 at 9 pm.

shared at the request of local non-profit EmbraceRace:

An *EmbraceRace conversation, Parenting in the Age of Trump, will occur on Tuesday, February 28 at 9 pm.  We will be joined by child psychologist Allison Briscoe-Smith. Many parents and educators from around the country have already signed up and submitted questions.

Register now to join or to receive the recording after the event.

*EmbraceRace is an online community of discussion and practice about raising and caring for kids, all kids, in the context of race. We'll have a web site, podcast, FB page, and other platforms, all forming an interactive community of support for those of us – parents, teachers, counselors, grandparents, day care providers, aunts and uncles – trying to raise kids with healthy racial sensibilities. Kids are very welcome too!

EmbraceRace is not only for parents! It's for anyone who has a role in the lives of children or anyone who might have useful information, insight, questions, concerns, or experiences to share w/them - about race, for example. In other words, the community is meant for a great many of us!