Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Water Testing Update for Fort River

from ARPS Central Office:

January 20, 2017 

Dear Fort River Community: 

As we notified you in October and December, retesting at Fort River had not resolved many of the issues related to the water. Since that time, district maintenance staff members have completed the additional repairs of replacing the shut-off valve with a certified, lead free replacement part. The challenge of this repair process was that water had to be shut off in the school in order to do the work based on the antiquated systems in the building. Given the disruption this would cause to students and staff, the repairs were completed on the weekends and the December holidays. 

We have retested these water outlets since the additional repair, and I am pleased to report that 71 of the 78 outlets tested below the action level on first draw, and all 78 of the outlets were below the level after the flush test. Fort River is now down to 7 water outlets that need additional work in the entire building: two in Room CR-1, one in the Health Room, one in the Vault/break room, and one each in rooms Room H-2, Room E-1, and Room K-2. The retesting results can be found here. 

We will continue using our flushing protocol for these outlets until additional repairs are made by our district maintenance staff. When additional repairs are completed on the remaining water outlets in the school and we receive retesting data, we will share information with the community. Thank you for your patience as our maintenance staff works through the remaining repairs. 

Dr. Michael Morris 
Interim Superintendent