Sunday, October 16, 2016

Gift Card Fundraiser is Back!

Help the Fort River PGO earn money for school programs by doing nothing! (Well, almost nothing.) 

The PGO will be selling gift cards that you can use for your normal weekly purchases at Stop and Shop and Target, for example. Other retailers include Gap, Best Buy, and American Eagle, and more. This is money that you would already be spending, but if you use our gift cards, you will be earning money for Fort River as we buy the gift cards at a discount (from 3-16% depending on the retailer.)

Use the cards for:
  • Purchases that you already make on a regular basis like groceries or gas.
  • Holiday shopping.
  • To give as gifts to teachers, mail carriers and bus drivers.
Again, this is money you already have budgeted, but if you use our gift cards, you are helping the PGO fund school programs for your students.

Order forms will be available on or after October 24th and will be collected until November 2nd. Gift cards will be distributed before the Thanksgiving break so that you may use the gift cards for holiday shopping or teacher gifts. Stay tuned!