Monday, October 10, 2016

ARMS PGO Fundraiser - Thanksgiving Pies!

excerpted from ARMS PGO:

The ARMS PGO is holding a delicious pie fundraiser - just in time for Thanksgiving. 

ARMS students have the opportunity to sell hand-made raspberry and pumpkin pies, made with organic fruit from Small Ones Farm in South Amherst (owned by an ARMS family/Fort River alumni family). 

The pies are $15 each.  20% of the cost of each pie will go to the ARMS PGO Grant program, which funds programs that directly benefit ARMS students.

Orders are due by Wednesday, October 26 and the pies will be available for pickup during the days before Thanksgiving. Find a Fort River alum or neighbor who attends ARMS and order if you'd like one of these delicious pies. They are frozen and uncooked and keep beautifully for future holiday and family gatherings. You will love these pies!

photo credit: Small Ones Farm