Friday, April 15, 2016

History Lesson: ARHS Graduate and Supreme Court Chief Justice

Published by Baer Tierkel in the ARHS PGO Newsletter:


I was walking down North Pleasant Street today and noticed a handsome bronze plaque in a border stone commemorating Supreme Court Chief Justice Harlan Stone.  It seems that he was a graduate of Amherst High School, Class of ’90 (1890, that is).  Stone was the first Justice in history who had never before held elected office.  He was nominated by fellow Republican (and former Noho mayor) Calvin Coolidge, and had served as Silent Cal’s Attorney General.  In what would be an unheard of bit of bipartisanship today, he became one of the liberal “Three Musketeers” on the court with Justices Brandeis and Cardozo responsible for upholding much of Democratic President Roosevelt’s New Deal.  ARHS Graduate Chief Justice Harlan Stone, w00t!  And that my friends, is your ARHS history lesson for the day.  That is all