Monday, May 1, 2017

Post-Building Project Presentation by Dr. Morris

Thank you to everyone who attended the presentation by Interim Superintendent Dr. Michael Morris last Friday morning. About 40 people attended on short notice - what a fabulous turnout! The PGO is grateful to have had the opportunity to host Dr. Morris and Ms. Hazzard, Chair of the Amherst School Committee, for this timely and in depth discussion of such an important topic.

If you missed the presentation it will be given again at the other elementary schools this Friday, May 5. The Crocker Farm PGO will host Dr. Morris from 9-10 am at Crocker Farm School, and the Wildwood PGO will host from 12-1pm in the Green Room at Wildwood. Families are welcome to attend either session.

Dr. Morris wants as many families to hear this presentation as possible. He will share information on challenges faced by our district, including (1) Financial, (2) Enrollment, and (3) Infrastructure, and looks forward to listening to your concerns and hearing your suggestions.

Small children are welcome.