Thursday, March 2, 2017

Instrumental Music Update

 a note from our Instrumental Music Teaching Professionals ...


This is a really exciting time of year for students in their first year of learning an instrument.  For many students, all the skills we’ve been working on in the first half of the year are really starting to sink in. You might notice that what started out as unrecognizable noise is beginning to sound an awful lot like music.  You might even notice your child is voluntarily taking out their instrument to practice - imagine that!  If this has been your experience - Congratulations!  That is wonderful!  Feel free to reach out to us to see how you can continue to support your blossoming musician!

However, if this has not been your experience - if their instrument spends more time collecting dust than being played - if your child is getting frustrated and disheartened that their classmates are progressing faster than them - if they think they’ll never get it - if they’re about ready to give up - it is okay.  This type of reaction is very normal for this time of year. The music they are working on in lessons is getting slightly harder, we are continuing to build new skills in lessons, home practice is becoming more necessary, and some students might feel like they just can’t do it and start to think about quitting.  If this is the case for your child, please reach out to the instrumental music teachers. 

We have so many ideas about how to help our students get over that hump and start to succeed. We have countless tips and tricks to help with the more common problems, and we are not afraid to get creative when faced with a new problem. We recognize that our students have many different interests, and that music may only be one of them. We recognize that instrumental music may not be for every single child. However, we believe that your child signed up to learn an instrument for a reason, and we are determined to give them the best possible experience in instrumental music. That might mean finding a small amount of time for an extra help session, or possibly giving them a few extra minutes of practice in lessons, or even bringing you, their parents/caregiver, in to learn how you can help them practice at home.

If your child is struggling with an instrument or is thinking about quitting, please reach out to their instrumental music teacher. 
The Instrumental Music Team:  Heather O’Mara (Strings), Katie LaFond (Band), Bob Castellano (Strings/Winds)